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Welcome to my
Scrapbook Resume!
I've created this website to showcase my works of art,
to share and to show.
Contact me through any of the links, or stop by the guest book.
Thanks for looking!

Mission Statement:
My one, only and most important objective is to have fun while scrapbooking. If product excites me, if people intrique me, if challenges inspire me, I will take part. I surround myself with positivity and intend to scrapbook the same way. It's a hobby that has become more than, and fascination that might never cease. lk

Announcements & Updates


June 2008
I think I've finally got this site updated!
Thanks for looking around - if you see any broken links or other problems, please feel free to let me know! Thanks ~

please exuse me. this site is
Under Construction

May 2008
Please excuse the appearance while I am under construction! I will make 1 futile attempt to save and keep this as my resume site, or I will begin creating another site. Stay tuned... I'll keep you updated!

Lindsey Krauss

Pit Crew/Magazine Staff, Digital Designer and Creative Team

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